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The Cloud Server provider Vultr started in 2014 with their first data center in Sydney, Australia. Since then, Vultr has expanded to an array of 15 data centers strategically placed around the world. Vultr has deployed over 7.5 million instances and have accrued over 100,000 customers. Since Vultr’s launch, they have continued to expand their data center locations, upgrade their technology and created solutions to make hosting your Virtual Private Servers easier.

Vultr offers a few different hosting services along with additional free and premium features to add onto your deployed servers. Currently Vultr offers a Cloud Compute server, Block Storage, and Dedicated Instances. With Vultr, you can also get DDoS protection, Vultr’s Firewall, and the ability to use your own IP space with your purchased servers.

We have put together the single best team in the cloud business. Veterans of the managed hosting business, we have taken our 20+ years of experience in complex hosting environments and made it our mission to simplify the cloud.


Vultr’s servers come with a custom control panel to quickly deploy new servers, view resource usage of each instance, and create and deploy snapshots of your servers. Also available is the ability to upload your own ISO files to be mounted to your instance and the ability to run through the boot and setup process. Vultr also offers one-click apps to deploy to your server quickly. Setup a LAMP or LEMP stack, create a Minecraft server, add server management tools such as cPanel, and much more.

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