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Scaleway was founded in 2013 with an interesting idea. Instead of virtual hosting services, Scaleway has small bare metal servers starting at very low prices. Scaleway is the world’s first dedicated ARM-Based cloud platform. Scaleway was created by as an easy-to-use web hosting platform with on demand resources and no need to read hours of documentation.

Scaleway currently has two data centers, one in Paris and the other in Amsterdam. All servers are protected with’s standard anti-DDoS system. All servers at the time currently have unmetered bandwidth and 200Mbit/s to 800Mbit/s transfer rates, while internal transfer rates are unlimited in speed.

Scaleway offers two main products, Bare metal ARM servers and Virtual Private Servers. With their servers, Scaleway offers ImageHub, a directory of services and server configurations you can quickly deploy on your server. Scaleway also provides security groups to drop specific traffic, anti-DDoS services provided by, and unlimited internal bandwidth.

Our network infrastructure is designed to never be a bottleneck. We provide a high capacity network with unlimited transfer and up to 5 Gbit/s bandwidth per server. We provide the tools to build high quality infrastructures with flexible IPs, IPv6 and security groups.


Scaleway includes snapshots, 99.9% SLA, APIs and an SDK to interact with your account to create new servers on the fly, dynamic volumes, and much more. Get a dedicated CPU to run resource intensive processes while avoiding neighbors that would normally be using your shared resources.

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