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OVH has a long history history with their story starting in 1999, when OVH was founded. Since then, OVH has become the third largest hosting provider in the world, and the largest hosting provider in Europe and France. OVH currently has over 1,000,000 clients, 260,000 servers, and 20 data centers with more in development and under construction.

With many variations of OVH products, it’s hard to list all of the various hosting options you can purchase through OVH. You can purchase e-mail hosting, SSL gateways, Virtual Private Servers, Load Blanacing IPs, Failover IPs and Blocks, Anti-DDoS (free), Firewalls, Dedicated Servers, Storage Optimized Servers, and a Dedicated Cloud. OVH also offers professional services and software licenses for SQL, Windows, Plesk, cPanel and other software.

OVH offers a service called vRack. With vRack you are able to have multiple servers purchased through OVH communicate together, even if they are located at different data centers. Setup server and isolation for database, memcache, and app servers while your web server is the only public access point for additional security. You could also load balance between multiple servers and create private VLANs to filter customer access and secure your data.

OVH is a much larger hosting provider compared to a lot of others in the market. Because of their size and financial backing, they can focus more on their infrastructure and partnerships. OVH has in-house technical support, continues to implement green technological solutions, designs and builds their own servers, maintains a 7.5 Tbps network, and continues to develop new solutions to protect customer data.

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