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Gandi, the “No Bullshit” cloud hosting and domain registrar since 1999. With their straight forward, yet slightly obscene slogan of “No Bullshit”, Gandi promises to be honest, not over complicate claims, and deliver what they promise. Gandi’s main priority is to respect their customer’s rights by protecting customer privacy under applicable law.

At last check, Gandi was managing more than 1.8 million domain names from 192 countries, placing Gandi in the top 15 domain registrars in the world. Those customers are made up of individuals, associations and small companies, public institutions, and multinational corporations.

Gandi’s website is a lot different than some other hosts, in that they don’t place empty promises, sneaky advertisements, or unwelcome surprises on their site. They strive to provide a decent and honest service.

  • We are honest about what we do; we will be straightforward in how we deal with you.
  • We will not exaggerate or over complicate our claims of value to our customers.
  • We will give you what we promise to give you.
  • If we make mistakes, we will apologize and make good.
  • If we’re ever hypocritical we will admit it, and clean up our act.
  • We will listen to you, and be honest in our replies, even if it means you won’t always like what we say.
  • We expect you to treat us the same way.

Gandi provides domain registration along with domain reseller sevices. For hosting, you can choose from their simple shared hosting plan or their cloud VPS server. They also offer SSL certificates, corporate services and reseller services for the majority of their products.

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